Rural Zambia

  • LIHOF was given 19.1243 Hactares of Land for the following purposes:
  • To construct a secondary school.
  • For agricultural production
  • Installation of Solar Boreholes / hand pumps

In Zambia all children are supposed to get education in grade 1-7,i.e from 7 to 14 years of age. however, the government does not have resources to provide this to all children who are poor to afford a school uniform and would not be led into government school. We want to help such children in giving them education.
Approximately one million children in Zambia are either single- or double-parent orphans. Extended families barely manage to care for these orphans. Some of the children end up as street kids; their experiences go well beyond the daily struggle for food and shelter. They are exposed to dangerous activities such as theft, drugs abuse, sexual abuse, prostitution and human trafficking. Some lucky orphans are cared for by their grandparents, who must raise yet another generation: their grandchildren. But many grandparents do not have the resources needed, either economically or physically. In recent years; abject poverty has also resulted in the illegal emigration of persons to first world countries, especially in Europe, seeking a better life to escape the vicious poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

We are members of this community that is experiencing devastating trends of high poverty levels and illness (mainly HIV/AIDS-related) resulting in high death rates among young and productive adults and children born to AIDS-infected parents. Consequences include unemployment, high crime rates, homeless children, high dependency rates, breakdowns of family support structures, and an increasing number of AIDS orphans. These are problems that should not be accepted as the norm.

  • Kalindi village – school construction project.
  • Grass thatched classroom for grade 8 and 9 has worked wonders for the learners.
  • 105 Pupils in school.
  • Stop hunger feeding program with rice
  • Distribution of canvas shoes to all the children twice in a year