Roofing of a Classroom block before January 2018

Living hope foundation is taking education to the rural  kalindi village of Mumbwa district. The main goal is to significantly reduce the illiteracy levels in this community where schools are very far from this community.

LIHOF in partnership with the local villagers,  have managed to build a one by two classroom block up to a roof level as shown above . We  are now in need of $6000 in order to finish the roof project for children to use in January 2018. It is our appeal to any person  or institution that may have the passion to come in and help us  with funds to finish the roof project so that in January 2018 student may start using the school building.

Please work with us, partner with us in this noble cause.

Go to donate now and touch children’s lives by donating to this roof project..

The grass thatched classroom  below is now falling apart. It saved its purpose and we can not  continue to be using this structure any more, as rains will not spare our children during the rain season.


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