Projects Temp Page.


LIHOF  acquired a piece of land measuring 19.1743 Hectares in Kalindi village . It is at this land that the organization wants to  do the following:

a)  Agricultural programs.

b) Construction of a Secondary school.

c) Construction of a clinic

 Current Activities 

Grass thatched shelter. The LIHOF members and the local villagers had to build grass thatched shelter for children to use as  a classroom for Grade 8 and 9. This was a short term measure to allow the pupils to be learning while a long term measure was being handled by the organization.


Community participation; The community is very excited with the school project hence made about 72 000 pan bricks, provided stones, sand and food for workers. The pictures herein will speak for themselves.

Access to water: There is no source of water  on Liftoff’s land  at the moment, however, Anchor of hope charities will provide a bore-hole with hand pump in May 2017.

School construction: The organization has started constructing a 1 x 2 classroom block.

What we need now;                                                                                                                                                               We  need your help in donating money for school construction such as roofing materials, window frames, doors, and labour costs for carpenters and Bricklayers.


The LIHOF school at our Roma center  has 356 orphans and vulnerable children.The school has classes from                  grades 1 – 9.

Our Challenges:

  • Lack of desks, learning and teaching materials.

  • The orphanage needs beddings, beds, and foodstuffs eg Rice, Bread , Milk, Sugar etc.

Your help shall go along way in alleviating the hardships  of the children we serve and care.