1. Skills Training.

The skills training  include gardening , poultry , tailoring and designing .The aim of of the skills training programs is to provide survival skills to the pupils so that they may use it as they leave school. They will be able to make clothes, keep chickens and grow vegetables for sale and even grow their businesses. The women and men from community are encouraged to learn the tailoring skill in order for them to be  empowered  and their own business.

Students are also trained in  gardening, this  program helps them to be active and hard workers in school and their homes. They will develop interest planting  maize and various types of  vegetables. Some students have been able to start gardens at their homes because of the skills they have learned.Among the the programs the school needs are bricklaying,carpentry and catering .Part of  our mission at living hope foundation is to see that all the children at the school gain a skill so that they can become self reliant and contribute positively at house hold level and the community as whole by selling what they will be producing.

2.Care and support programs

This program helps the children to attend schools regularly, as opposed to negative vices such as drinking beer , involved in child labour, collecting plastics and bottles for sale.

The organisation provides , supplementary feeding at lunch time  for all the children in school, and a balance diet  for children who live in the orphanage. We provide a holistic standard of care which borders  on spiritual, mental ,emotional and physical needs of a child.

3.Orphanage/ Transit home.

We also have a transit home for children with no were to live and become isolated from mainstream of society and end up in the streets. There fore we take care of the following children.

  • children who are abused
  • children who are lost
  • Children who lack parental care.
  • Children who rebel from parents.

       Challenges that are there :

  • not enough beds, clothes.
  • inadequately equipped kitchen
  • lack of supplementary foodstuffs.

4. Provision of  Education.

LIHOF community school provides education to children from grades 1 to 9. In the recent years our school has been performing very well in terms grade 7 and grade nine examination which is rated at 78% pass rate. This is a very big achievement for us because our most of our teachers are  grade 12 school leavers who are not trained.

  • Lack of teaching and learning materials.
  • Lack library books.
  • lack of sponsors for volunteer teachers.

Living hope foundation depends on well wishers , institutions and individuals to help in addressing the challenges of the organisation.Your partnership and support this noble cause shall be highly appreciated.