At LIHOF, we have a variate of programs on board. These include but not limited to


  1. Health: In relation to HIV/AIDS, we provide supportive and preventative counseling. We also aim to provide a platform for HIV/AIDS, malaria and T.B. awareness campaigns, as well as reproductive health sensitization programs.


  1. Education: We provide basic education to orphans and other vulnerable children (O.V.C.) from pre-sc     
  1. Training: We provide basic skills training in tailoring and design to widows, older orphans and youth. This training is an important tool in ensuring that the people     in poverty who have the energy learn the skills to become self-reliant economically.


  1. Transit home 🙁 ORPHANAGE) for children aged 6years to 15years.

This home is for children who have been neglected, abandoned or lack parental care. The organization caters to their needs, such as schooling funds, food, shelter and access to health services.

Management has put in place a psychosocial program as an ongoing process of meeting children’s physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs, all of which are considered to be essential elements for meaningful and positive human development support.




  • LIHOF was given 19.1243 Hactares of Land for the following purposes:
  • To construct a secondary school.
  • For agricultural production
  • Installation of Solar Boreholes / hand pumps