Child Education in Rural Zambia

In Kalindi, 120 km north of Lusaka, we provide schooling for more than 45 students in grades 8 and 9. (Some of the children are the ones seen in the picture above.)

Before we startes children wanting this education had to travel 30 km, which is not possible in one day. In the future we want to provide schooling up to grade 12.

Without this school the girls would be exposed to going into early marriages.

New Class Rooms under construction

The grass thatched classroom was constructed for the children to start learning. Currently the school construction is on course as it is now at roof level.

Community sensitization spearheaded by the headman of Kalindi and LIHOF members has seen many children to be in school. It is necessary for many girls to be in school because as they become adults, they make the world. They need to be educated for them to participate fully in all aspects of life both in urban and rural settings.

Feeding programme

The introduction of feeding program at this village school has also encouraged those children who come from far villages to enroll in school as they are sure that they will have some food at lunch time, at this Kalindi village school project. This feeding project is being supported by Anchor of Hope Charities that have partnered with LIHOF to provide(Stop Hunger Now (mixed diet rice). The feeding program goes on a daily basis and it is being prepared by the local volunteers from the neighbouring villages.

LIHOF has been given 19 hectars of land. So far 4 hectars of it is used for farming. This helps the children as  they hade an opportunist to learn agricultural survival skills. This will also have a long term impact in improving the economic status of the villagers as they can gain good farming practices.
The produce from this farm will be used for staff and students consumption and the surplus will be sold in order to have money to buy essential requirements for LIHOF programs.