16th April 2019 kelvin

With the new hair cut machine we help each other looking tidy. Broken beds are repaired and all beds have sheets and pillows as well as mosquito nets. The boys also were given metal cabinets for their private belongings. The 15 boys in our Orphanage/transit home with its “mother” Prisca now enjoys a total renewal of their living quarters. A generous donation from Robert Baker of Rochester, New York has made this possible. Now the broken chairs are repaired and we have all necessary spoons, plates and kitchen utensils.

30th January 2019 kelvin

This is Rose. She is twelve years old and she has just started seventh grade. She has attended Living hope for the last 3 years. All this time she has been walking together with her three years younger sister more than one hour from her home in a compound. The streets are crowded with cars and pedestrians. Their mother has very little pay . In the morning they have nothing to eat and she is happy about the lunches given in the school. She speaks very good English and has excellent school results.

23rd January 2019 kelvin

Last Monday everybody in the school were working on tiding up our ground. Litter was picked and the grass cut after the Christmas recess.   In a corner beds for planting sweet potatoes and vegetables were prepared. Letting the children take part in this is an important part of the education.   After taking away some grass we now have a small field to play soccer on again. Even the toilets got a good clean up. Here Prisca from the orphanage shows Aron How it shall be done.    

23rd January 2019 kelvin

Since 2015 all three hundred and fifty children of the school are offered lunch every school day. It consists of Nshima, which is a very thick porridge made of finely ground corn meal, called mealie meal.It is the staple food here. Beans or soy pieces or sometimes fish is served with it. The cooking is done with localy produced pellets, Supa Moto, which is much better for the environment than char coal. Here the pellets are just being lit.

23rd January 2019 kelvin

In the orphanage live 15 boys in ages 5 – 18 years. They are in transit, i.e. we try to find their families or extended families. The boys are found on the street and here they have a home. Some of them are here for many years. Prisca is recently hired to live here and help take care of them.   Emanuel and Samson live in the orphanage since a number of years. Here Göran, visiting from Sweden, teaches them to repair a broken desk. Many desks of the school need repair and Emanuel and Samuel have promised to work…

23rd January 2019 kelvin

Last week we were visited by Vision Aid Overseas. Karen Edwards came with her team to screen all children and the staff. Here she sits and talks about the results with Sven Wennhall, an main donor to the school, and Geoffrey Kamutande, the director. (Sven´s shirt was made in the school.) Only a few of the children need glasses, because most of them are still too young. Karen and her team has promised to come back in future years to screen. About half of the staff proved needing glasses. They were offered to buy prescription glasses for USD 3! The…

27th December 2018 kelvin

Living Hope School in Kalindi village had a Christmas Party on the 24th December 2018. Activities done on this day were dancing and singing gospel songs. At the end they had their meal in the newly constructed Classroom block. Children where very happy to see the new classroom being used as their own way they can receive quality education and also for the purpose of the feeding program.

27th December 2018 kelvin

Children at Living Hope School celebrate the Christmas party in remembrance to the birth of Jesus Christ. This is the time of giving and receiving. Indeed, on this day the 19th December 2018, they received food as a sign of Love for the children in need. Giving should not only end here. Therefore, we ask the corporate world, Institutions and individuals to continue helping the children in need such as children at Living Hope School. For any contributions, visit our paypal by clicking on the Donate button at www.Lihof.org.

23rd November 2018 kelvin

We wish to thank Anchor of Hope Charities for supporting us by proving a Borehole to our School of Kalindi village. The donation will go along way in providing clean and safe water to the pupils and the villagers. We now appeal to the well wishers to give us another Borehole to be placed in the 4 hectares school farm for watering the fruits, vegetables and other crops that will help to provide nutritious food to the learners.

8th November 2018 kelvin

There was excitement by pupils when Anchor of Hope Charities recently donated canvas shoes to the children of Living Hope School. Some of the children who received shoes cannot hide their happiness. We encourage many individuals and institutions to emulate Anchor of Hope Charities in assisting the disadvantaged children in society. For any donations just go to the Paypal button by using this link www.lihof.org and leave a legacy.