5th August 2020 kelvin

In order for a child like the one above to have a meal, it costs 2 dollars per meal, your contribution of a 2 dollar will go a long way in helping a disadvantaged child in our child care facility. Your can deposit  2 dollars in our Paypal account to assist one child. You can also contribute according to what you can manage. We shall appreciate you and if you like, we can indicate your name in our blog for the contribution. Thanking you in advance.  

11th July 2020 kelvin

                                          The Living Hope School and its management has embarked on the necessary regulations to avoid contraction and the spread of Covid-19. The School makes sure that all the Students are putting on face masks, preserve social distancing and washing of hands regularly.Apart from these strategies, all the staff of living hope school are involved in  awareness campaign against the pandemic. We are hopeful that  all the children and staff will continue to follow the guidelines from the ministry of…

16th June 2020 kelvin

The improved toilets in the school have excited the bigger girls as they are user friendly. Esther Khosa a grade 9 pupil says she will be coming to school throughout the 30 days in a month as the toilets are now user friendly. “The fixing of the internal doors on the toilets has promoted confidentiality and more girls are free to use them. we are thankful to the management and the supporters for the initiative. We are happy for the gesture and God bless you”. Martha Mubanga a grade 9 pupil said.

16th June 2020 kelvin

The Schools in Zambia closed on 20th march, 2020 due to Covid 19 pandemic. The management of Living Hope School is happy with the re-opening of examination classes in order for them to write examinations.In our case we have grade 7 and grade 9 examination classes. As you can see, children and teachers are learning while putting on face masks. The situation will continue in order to mitigate the Covid 19 pandemic in the school environment. We are thankful to all supporters and stakeholders of Living Hope Foundation for continued support and assistance. It our prayer that the disease will…

15th May 2020 kelvin

                                                 Living Hope community school has been facing challenges of not having enough desks, for the 230 learners. Recently DISA came to the aid of the school by donating desks, a metal book shelf and painting of classrooms, school hall and Girls toilets. Mr Kamutande, the director of the organisation was happy to see that the donation will greatly improve the school learning environment of the learners. He thanked DISA management for the kind gesture. He also…

8th January 2020 kelvin

                                     Every holiday, children and staff look at maintenance work which includes Desks and Door frames. The children are able to participate in doing repairs as hands own work is good for the children and they learn very fast. Statistically, Eleven(11) new Desks where made and 8 Desks where repaired. Therefore, a total of 19 Desks where worked on and ready to be used by the students. The children where very happy to be part of solving the problem of damaged Desks in…

8th January 2020 kelvin

                                                                                                                                                         The pictures above were taken on 24th December, 2019. The children and staff were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This event was characterized with…

20th June 2019 kelvin

The Children that are here are repairing the desks, tables and chairs. The children involved are happy to be found in the maintenance group as it is a skill which can be used even at household level. During this exercise the children repaired about 14 desks. The names of the children are; James, Timothy, Samson, Elisha and Brian. A good number of pupils are now able to sit comfortably on the desks. The maintenance is done on a weekly basis every Friday after the check up is done by the maintenance team.  

16th April 2019 kelvin

With the new hair cut machine we help each other looking tidy. Broken beds are repaired and all beds have sheets and pillows as well as mosquito nets. The boys also were given metal cabinets for their private belongings. The 15 boys in our Orphanage/transit home with its “mother” Prisca now enjoys a total renewal of their living quarters. A generous donation from Robert Baker of Rochester, New York has made this possible. Now the broken chairs are repaired and we have all necessary spoons, plates and kitchen utensils.

30th January 2019 kelvin

This is Rose. She is twelve years old and she has just started seventh grade. She has attended Living hope for the last 3 years. All this time she has been walking together with her three years younger sister more than one hour from her home in a compound. The streets are crowded with cars and pedestrians. Their mother has very little pay . In the morning they have nothing to eat and she is happy about the lunches given in the school. She speaks very good English and has excellent school results.