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The first quarter of this year saw an increment in the number of school pupils at the center compared to the previous years .This has however led to shortage of chairs and toys for primary school girls and boys and also shortage of desks for grades 1-7.

in the case of baby class the school currently has only one mattress to carter for 14 pre-school children and this has proved to be a challenge especially that these children after lunch hour normally like to have some rest .

On the positive side all the pupils in baby class are now able identify the alphabetic letters,sing the national anthem,read vowels and sing to certain songs.

The junior secondary school section has showed tremendous improvement in terms of student performance in local language Nyanja especially that the revised curriculum recommends that these pupils from this section  be able to to read and write in their local language.



Story 2

The feeding program during the first quarter of this year also has improved because children are able to feed at least 3 times in a week and this has led to increased concentration and willingness of the learners to participate in the learning activities knowing too well that they will feed after lessons.

The feeding program however during the first quarter of this year has also faced a challenge in that the meals that the children are subjected too are not balanced and there fore may luck some nutritional  needs for their full development.We therefore appeal to individuals Who would like to assist the feeding pro gramme to donate different feeding materials contribute to the welfare of these children.


story 3

The sawing  project which is an income generating pro gramme for the organizations. In this project We  make chitenge materials for sale.We also specialize in school uniforms .maids uniforms,mens work suites,traditional war for men,women and children.

The challenge that we have in this section is that we do not have certain machines which are required for our products to be of high standard and compete on the market  and these are over locking machine,button hole making machine and button fixer. we do not only make items for sale but also empower people from the community with sawing skill,Of late the enrollment levels droped because machines were not working .Special thanks to community without borders who  repaired 9 straight machines for us and there fore plans are under way to start the enrollment process.

Story 4

The youth day cerebrations took place on the 10th of march 2017. Lihof  management  therefore organized a number of activities which included Drama ,Poetry,Music,Eating competition,quiz and Debate,The event began by a well done speech by the director of LIHOF mr Geoffrey Kamutande   who encouraged the youths to be active and participate in various income generating activities other than indulge them selves in negative vices that may not help them achieve their goals in future .The event commenced with an opening prayer from the deputy head miss martiana mumba and this was followed by a series of activities and the even concluded at about 15hours .