Geoffrey Kamutande

Geoffrey Kamutande the executive Director  of living hope foundation helped to start the organisation in 1996.The organisation was formed on the concept of love to help the vulnerable but intelligent children.

I was born in 1960 and grew up in eastern province ,chief Munkhanya at Nsabo village.Having come to Lusaka in 1994 i worked in various companies and and also studied project planning and management  at the university of Zambia and went on to work in sales and marketing.

In 1996 i saw the devastating trend  of HIV/AIDS which prompted me with 10 other members  to form a non governmental organisation known as shanty community development organization order to help the orphans and other vulnerable children be given some form of basic  education .In the year 2000 we started a primary school in Roma from grade 1-7. In 2009 when  added grade 8 and  9.

The organization has two centers now,Roma centre and LIHOF school at kalindi village in Mumbwa – Nangoma

My passion is to work with children and provide a holistic approach in caring for them .We provide education ,shelter as an orphanage/transit home ,feeding  the school children etc.This passion is derived from JOHN 21:15-17 where we are called to love those in need .

For me i take it that having a good memory also means never forgetting those  in need.

Therefore i want to persuade and urge all those want  to persuade and urge all those who want to leave a legacy to consider providing assistance to this noble cause .We are thankful for every help rendered no matter how small it may be ,we sincerely appreciate

Show your love through giving your time,money,materials,counseling and general support.

  1. Help to build a new school
  2. Help to feed the orphans and vulnerable
  3. Help to give hope to the hopeless

Thank you and God bless you abundantly